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Custom Modular Jetboat Camper top

This camper top is one of Sterling Upholstery's top of the line modular covers. Rather than having the roof held up by the standard hoops, this boat uses two sets of folding, collapsible bars that lay down on to the gunwales when not wanted. That enables the user to have only half of the roof up or whole roof depending on their need. This cover also has zip-out side walls, a rear wall, as well as a middle drop curtain. So if you want just shade, you can run with only the roof, but if you need some bug protection, you can zip in the bug screen walls. For only the front half, or for the whole boat. You could zip in solid walls for privacy, or protection from the wind and/or rain. There is also the option of zipping in the clear or tinted plastic walls, if you're wanting wind protection but want to see out to the beautiful lake of river.

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