Convertible Enclosure 7 Video Series 

In this series of Videos we will show the process of making one of our lake Boat Convertible Enclosure covers, as well as a travel cover, and a few of our accessory covers. This process takes roughly 5-8 days to complete so you will see most of the build in accelerated time lapse speed. 


 The 1st video explores our client's old covers and begins the dive into making a new set of covers with the building of the frame.


The 2nd video shows us building the front half of the roof. Including our 4 zipper front. This client, and most others, has ask for 4 zipper across the front of the roof so that he and his passenger can both stand up and look over the glass.

Our 3rd video show the building out of the rear end of the roof. This includes the tunnel we create for the roof to attach to the rear most bar of the frame. As well as the installation of the frame into the roof , and the frame and roof onto the boat.

In Pt. 4 we are building the 2 zip out side windows for the enclosure. Many of our past client have said that when the weather turns, to be able to close up the front zippers and install the side windows is often enough to get them back to shore.

Pt. 5 is all about building the slantback to finish closing in the cockpit. When the weather get really bad or if you plan on staying in the boat overnight, or even to just to close it up at the dock. The Slantback completes the full enclosure system. All our slantbacks come stock with a large window to see out the back. 

If you see less than 7 videos on this page, that means the other videos have not been released yet. Please check back later, or keep an eye on our Facebook page to see them when they are released.

Pt. 1 Old Covers & Frame

Pt. 2 Roof pt. 1

Pt. 3 Roof pt. 2 

Pt. 4 Side Windows

Pt. 5 Slantback